In the wake of sweeping food safety reforms and the FDA’s redesigned labels, there’s been lots of talk about transparency. Now a new app aims to “reimagine food data for the Internet age.”

The Sage online platform currently houses data on over 20,000 fresh and packaged foods (for now). It offers consumers an interactive, customized window on the nutrients in their food, the calorie count, the ingredients, and the allergens.

Sage’s app offers customized infographics and granular analysis of a product’s nutrients, including what to eat more of, what to avoid, exercise equivalents, even country of origin. The detailed, readable interface allows users to develop profiles so they’ll receive more aggregated, personalized information.

As the Internet of Things integrates more fully into the food industry, conscientious eaters may soon be able to find out more about their food than they ever thought they could know.



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