Foster Poultry Farms today recalled approximately 131,880 pounds of frozen, RTE breaded chicken patties because of plastic contamination. The products had been shipped to distribution centers in Alaska, Arizona, California, Utah, and Washington.

The problem came to light after three consumers complained about pieces of clear, soft plastic that, according to FSIS, “originated from the establishment’s packaging materials.”

This recall comes almost exactly a year after a similar incident. On April 29 of last year, Foster Poultry Farms recalled 220,450 pounds of frozen chicken nuggets, distributed in the same states, which were found to contain blue plastic and black rubber materials.

Overall, it’s been a rough week for foreign contamination. Just yesterday, McCain Foods expanded a previous recall of hash browns that were found to contain golf ball materials.

But again, as awful as it would be to bite down on a piece of plastic in your chicken, it’s better than a bat in your salad!




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