Food and Health Survey

Taste is a top purchase driver for 84% of consumers, according to the 2017 Food and Health Survey from Food Insight. The extensive survey reveals Americans’ opinions on health, food information, purchase drivers, and food safety.

Here are some key results:  

  • Consumers ranked Vitamin D, fiber, and whole grains as the top 3 components of healthfulness in food.  
  • Weight loss is the largest driver (over 50%) to take action over eating habits.  
  • Friends and family are the biggest influence (over 30%) on consumers starting a new diet or eating habit.
  • The top four health benefits consumers desire most are weight management, cardiovascular health, digestive health, and increased energy.
  • More than three-fourths (76%) are trying to avoid or limit their sugar intake.
  • Of those seeking non-GMO labels, 73% do so because they believe non-GMO food is healthier, safer, or better for the environment.
  • Americans are split on artificial ingredients vs taste. A little more than 50% prefer a product with great taste and artificial ingredients over a product with less taste than no artificial ingredients.
  • Recognizing ingredients on a label is important to 68% of Baby Boomers and 54% of Millennials.
  • The top 3 reasons consumers purchase processed or packaged foods are because they’re convenient, they save time, and they’re easy to prepare.   

The survey also provides insights on the views and habits of Americans based on age and gender. Read the full report here.

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