Healthy food

Globally, nearly 9 in 10 consumers say that food companies are responsible for ensuring their diet is healthy, according to a study by Surveygoo and Ingredient Communications, as reported by New Food Magazine.

The survey explored where consumers put the burden of responsibility for food healthiness, as well as where consumers get their information about food.

Consumers in western countries were less likely to say food companies were responsible for ensuring healthy diets than consumers in Asia, but western consumers were more likely to trust the health and nutrition information they received from food companies. In fact, Americans reported the highest rate of trust in food and drink companies and the lowest rate of trust in doctors.

The study authors noted the importance of food manufacturers “[working] hard to win the trust of customers” with efforts including “the use of healthy, natural ingredients and embracing clean and clear labeling.”

They also cautioned against using the same approach in all countries. Surveygoo Managing Director Neil Cary said: “The lesson for manufacturers and marketers of food products is to thoroughly understand all your markets – what works in one won’t necessarily work in another.”

Read more at New Food Magazine.

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