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Catching up on the latest food industry news has never been easier. Just check out this roundup of our top five articles from September to get up to speed!

#1 Hershey’s, Kellogg’s, and More Food and Beverage Companies Millennials Love: Moosylvania’s Top 100 Millennial Brands

Millennials don’t just love startups — they are huge fans of well-established brands as well. Check out all 100 brands that resonate with the generation in Moosylvania’s Top 100 Millennial Brands. Some of them might surprise you!

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#2 For Consumers, Transparency Builds Trust: Report

People don’t want to play guessing games about what ingredients are in their favorite foods. See how much impact brand transparency has on customer loyalty and purchasing decisions in this report from Label Insight and Food Marketing Institute (FMI).

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#3 PepsiCo Offers Springboard for Innovative Startups Through Nutrition Greenhouse Accelerator Program

Having launched multiple business incubators, PepsiCo excels in attracting the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry. The industry giant’s most recent initiative to connect with innovators is their Nutrition Greenhouse accelerator program. Through this program, which first launched in Europe, PepsiCo will work with small businesses focused on nutrition, performance, lifestyle, and purpose.

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#4 Grocery Stores of the Future: An Interview with Tony Atti, CEO of Phononic

The way people eat and shop is rapidly changing, and the food industry needs to adapt. In this interview with Tony Atti, CEO of solid-state cooling manufacturing company Phononic, we explore the how technology will play a critical role in responding to changing consumer behaviors, what grocery store footprints will look like in the near future, what the tech boom means for food supply chain, and more.

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#5 How Are Tariffs Affecting Food Processing Suppliers? Survey Results

You see tariffs in the headlines every day, but how are they impacting food processing suppliers? This survey from the Food Processing Suppliers Association reveals just how much Trump-era tariffs are impacting prices and customer behavior.

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