January is always busy, and it was no exception for Food Industry Executive. We covered everything from gender equality to organic food sales and the government shutdown. Here’s what our readers loved most.

#1 12 Food and Beverage Companies Make Bloomberg’s 2019 Gender-Equality Index

Promoting gender equality in the workplace is good for morale — and good for business. See which organizations are setting the bar in the food industry in this article on Bloomberg’s 2019 Gender Equality Index (GEI).

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#2 Study Shows the Strongest GMO Opponents Don’t Know As Much About GMOs As They Think

A recent study shows that the more someone opposes genetically modified foods, the less they actually know about general science and genetics. Read more about the findings and what researchers have to say about the results.

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#3 Gen Z in the Workforce

Millennials and Gen Zers differ in many ways, including what they look for in a job. And with this younger generation entering the workforce, businesses will have to rethink the way they talent-search and operate. From technology to networking and benefits, check out this article to find out what exactly matters to this up-and-coming generation.  

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#4 Organic Sales Soared in 2018: Nielsen

Consumer demand for fresh, healthy food options has exploded over the past few years, and with it, organic food sales numbers. Here we break down Nielsen’s findings on last year’s organic food sales, including who’s buying organic, which organic food categories are the most popular, price differentials between organic and conventional goods, and more.

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#5 Four Ways the Government Shutdown Is Impacting the Food and Beverage Industry

The recent history-making government shutdown shook American industry, including the food and beverage industry. Take a look back at how this event affected the entire food and beverage supply chain in this article.

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