Nutrition label

Since 2015, members of the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) have reformulated more than 320,000 products to “align with health and wellness policies,” according to CGF’s 2019 Health & Wellness Progress Report.

The CGF is an industry network that counts many major food and beverage manufacturers among its ranks, including Nestle, Danone, Kellogg, Tyson Foods, and AB InBev (see the full list of members). The health and wellness campaign aimed to help both consumers and the member company’s employees lead healthier lives.

For its year-end report, the organization surveyed 75 members, most of whom were food and beverage manufacturers. Here’s what they found:

  • 98% of companies have reformulated at least some of their products to align with their health and wellness policies, with 70% specifically offering low-salt and low-sugar options.
  • 79% display key nutrient information on the packaging for more than 80% of their products.
  • 76% don’t advertise high fat, salt, or sugar foods to children under 12.

The companies also reported an increase in the number of employees participating in health and wellness programs, as well as participation in food bank programs and partnerships with schools.

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