Pacproinc provides tailor-fit interleavers, stackers, and more to their customers, making them a trusted partner to the food industry.

Pacproinc’s offerings on the Food Industry Executive Marketplace include a variety of packaging solutions.

  • ProLeaver Card Dispenser — The ProLeaver Card Dispenser is designed specifically for harsh environments and interfaces easily with any slicing, forming, processing, or packaging equipment. The card dispenser feeds up to 80 cards/minute and is guaranteed to reduce downtime associated with missed cards, double feeds, and jams.
  • ProStax — From pizza crusts to hamburger patties and fresh deli meats to lay flat bacon, Pacproinc’s ProStax line offers proven automation and placement consistency for your food packaging process.
  • ProLeaver — The Pacproinc ProLeaver puts paper, film, or foil around, between, or under your food portions. Pacproinc interleaving equipment brings significant, quantifiable improvement to your process line.

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