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Need to catch up on your food industry news? Check out July’s reader favorites — you’ll read about everything from organic food sales to robots and the most successful product launches of 2018.

#1. Plant-Based Food Sales Growing Like a Weed; Organic Food Sales Slow

Plant-based food is all the rage these days. How are sales numbers reflecting the trend? And how does the exploding plant-based popularity compare to the previously rapidly-expanding organic food space? Find out here. 

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#2. Robots That Can See, Smell, Touch, Taste, and Hear

Robotic technology is advancing at lightning speed. And the newest robots are starting to support human-like sensory abilities. In this article, we explore cutting-edge robotic technology and what implications it has for the food industry. 

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#3. Top 10 Food Launches of 2018 Driven by Value, Taste, and an Exciting Perception

In a recent report, Mintel looked into consumer motivations behind the sales success of 2018’s top 10 new food product launches. Here’s what the food industry giant had to say about the products, all the way from taste to the excitement level. 

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#4. The Grocery Shopping Habits of Low-Income and Thrifty Consumers

To find out how shopping habits differ between low-income and mid- to high-income households, the Hartman Group surveyed over 2,300 consumers. For details on how income influences buying behavior — including what people buy and where — check out this article.

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#5 Increasing Competitiveness Through Automation in the Food Industry

Have you considered automating some operations at your food manufacturing facilities? According to this guest post by Jeff Conner from Control Concepts, you may want to consider it. Find out how automation can give you a competitive edge.

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