Somehow, we’ve arrived at the middle of December, which means many of us are already starting to get holiday brain. If you fall into that camp, here are three food-related TED talks from 2019 that provide not only some great ideas but also the perfect excuse for watching videos at work.

What happens in your brain when you taste food

In this entertaining and educational talk, neuroscientist Camilla Arndal Andersen looks at the neural responses to eating food, the biases that influence our perception of food, and how food companies might use this information to create healthier, better-tasting products.

How climate change could make our food less nutritious

Much of the discussion about the effect of climate change on food revolves around the challenges it brings to farming and food production. In this talk, epidemiologist Kristie Ebi explains how higher CO2 concentrations help plants grow but also decrease their nutrient content.

How we’re using DNA tech to help farmers fight crop diseases

Crop diseases are another threat to global food security. In this talk, computational biologist Laura Boykin explains how her team developed a system to diagnose sick cassava plants in East Africa, where whiteflies and viruses are devastating this food staple.