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As we close out another month, here’s a look back at our reader’s favorites from January. 

#1. Did You Know? You Can Eat the Package

You’ve probably consumed packaging before, likely in the form of a capsule. But edible packaging is evolving in efforts to reduce pollution, waste, and chemical exposure. Learn more from the latest entry in our “Did You Know?” series.  

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#2. The Premium Appeal of Personalized Pet Food

Pets are valued members of the family, and their owners want to feed them as such. For some, that means giving them a diet that takes into consideration factors like breed, age, size, and health. Find out why personalized pet food is gaining popularity.

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#3. The Consumer Shopping Behavior That Will Drive Industry Change

From shopping in “micro-moments” to choosing brands that align with their values and beliefs, here are some of the consumer shopping behaviors shaping the future of the industry.

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#4. Chefs Identify the Hottest Culinary Trends of 2020

For this year’s “What’s Hot” report, the National Restaurant Association asked over 600 chefs to rank emerging trends in the culinary industry. Find out what topped their list.  

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#5. FDA Final Guidance Clarifies New Nutrition Label Requirements

The FDA recently released a final guidance document to help packaged foods manufacturers comply with new labeling requirements. This guidance updates the November 2018 draft.

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