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Creators of the first slow-burn energy bar announces a new higher calorie/protein line for the armed forces and first responders.

Vail, CO – 2/18/20 – Fourpoints, the brand on a mission to disrupt the bar market with their low-glycemic slow-burn energy bars featuring California Prunes, now has a new mission; to better fuel those who serve and protect us.  In addition to their core line of innovative Slow-Burn Energy Bars, this month they are introducing a new line of slow-burn protein bars called Fourpoints Tactical. In contrast to their flagship line of bars which serve more as an energy bar, Fourpoints Tactical is closer to that of a meal-replacement or meal bar.  Using the highest quality whey protein isolate, these bars deliver the same slow-burning fuel as their energy bars, but higher calorie and higher in protein to provide even longer lasting satiety and energy to those that need it the most.

“Proper nutrition is mission critical to our nation’s Super Heroes, they demand high-performance foods on-the-go to keep them feeling focused, energized, and in the field longer,” said Fourpoints Co-Founder, Patrick Webber. “Our Tactical bars deliver a healthier slow-burning energy, and it’s done with real natural food that tastes good; no chalkiness, preservatives, and no junk! The best deserve the best”

In 2019, Fourpoints Bar became a 1% For the Planet business member, pledging at least 1% of sales to conservation and launched their Wherever you play Initiative focusing on increased collaboration with outdoor conservation non-profits on public land protections, and in 2020 debuted new packaging proudly displaying those partners.


Staying true to their form, they are collaborating on the Tactical line with and have pledged at least 1% of Tactical sales to help with Troopster’s mission of sending care packages to troops around the globe. “We believe being 1% for the Planet also means being 1% for the people who work to protect it,” said Webber. “We share a deep feeling of gratitude for our Men and Women in uniform who dedicate and sacrifice so much, allowing us to live out our dreams. Our partnership with Troopster will advance our mission to better fuel our soldiers, and our fans will know that when they eat a Fourpoints Tactical bar to fuel their own adventures, they will be supporting the troops at the same time.”

fourpoints and troopsters

Founded and operated by U.S. veterans, Troopster® markets directly to deployed, active-duty U.S. military members to offer a function of support in morale driven, quality care package production.

“Troopster is proud to partner with Fourpoints and offer their new line of Tactical bars to power U.S. troops,” said Chelsea Mandello, CEO and Founder of Troopster Military Care Packages. “This exciting venture to support the nutritional wellbeing of our brave servicemen and women defending our nation is both a testament to our shared mission of support and values toward our troops. Our collaboration with Fourpoints and the Fourpoints community to provide a healthy slow-burning energy bar like the Tactical line to U.S. troops is a demonstration of offering the best for the best.”

In addition to highlighting their shared mission with Troopster on the front of the Tactical packaging, one flavor goes a step further, honoring the legacy of the 10th Mountain Division’s Ski Soldiers, bearing the name Camp Hale Choco-Peanut after Camp Hale, the historic training ground for the 10th during World War II.  Fourpoints has been a major proponent of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation & Economy (CORE) Act, a bill that would offer protection for some 400,000 acres of wilderness, recreation, and conservation areas in Colorado, as well as designating Camp Hale and the surrounding area as the first ever National Historical Landscape. “We felt announcing the launch of our new Tactical line with skiing legend and 10th Mountain storyteller, Chris Anthony, at the Colorado Snowsports Museum in Vail, CO on the 75th anniversary of the battle for Riva Ridge, would be a fun way of paying tribute to our nation’s heroes, bringing full circle our mission of building Fourpoints Bar as an impactful brand.”


Fourpoints® is the premiere manufacturer of performance minded real food products focused on providing a low-glycemic load for long-lasting, slow-burn energy for wherever you play®.  Targeting the active, health-conscious outdoor enthusiast, they’re setting a new standard in the nutrition/energy bar category by offering thoughtful innovative solutions to tired problems by creating products with a purpose – food with a function.  Born at 14,000 feet and located in colorful Colorado, Fourpoints® Tactical bars are available online and through AAFES, in addition to select outdoor specialty stores.  Fourpoints® Tactical bars come offered in three inspired flavors:  Backcountry Basecamp Banana Split, Commando Coconut Crunch, and Camp Hale Choco-Peanut – [$3.49 per bar] Check them out at

Troopster® is a leading cause-driven organization that supports the U.S. military community through the vanguard of care package services. Founded and operated by U.S. veterans, Troopster® markets directly to deployed, active-duty U.S. military members to offer a function of support in morale driven, quality care package production. Troopster® care packages are available online, and headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, home of the largest naval military installation in the world. To learn more about Troopster®  or to send a military care package, please visit


Kevin Webber
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Chelsea Mandello
Founder & CEO
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