Leader in industrial gases to host a virtual trade show booth highlighting its chilling and freezing technologies

Bridgewater, N.J., U.S., Jan. 19, 2021 – Messer, the largest privately-owned industrial gases company, is highlighting its technical and applications expertise in three virtual experiences at the 2021 IPPE (International Production & Processing Expo) Marketplace. Messer will host a virtual booth, present its new Wave Impingement freezer at the Innovation Station, and deliver an on-demand TECHTalk on bottom injection chilling for blending proteins and ingredients, ensuring reliable cryogenic supply by transitioning to liquid nitrogen (LIN) from carbon dioxide (CO2). The virtual IPPE Marketplace will be available Jan. 25-29, 2021 and beyond. 

At its virtual booth, Messer will highlight its:

  • High-capacity Wave Impingement freezer which can quickly and cost-effectively replace old and antiquated CO2 flighted freezers and triple pass tunnels. Featured in the Innovation Station, the Wave Impingement freezer combines the benefits of wave product agitation with impingement gas flows to give customers new-found levels of IQF quality and productivity, especially for wet and sticky products. 
  • Bottom injection chilling technology with Messer‘s KRYOJECTOR® injectors and control system, a dual-cryogen, hygienic technology that improves food safety and delivers consistent batch-to-batch chilling, while reducing blender cycle times.
  • Virtual engineering audit capabilities, through which Messer can remotely  evaluate and improve a customer’s chilling and freezing operations, a particularly important service during the pandemic.

Customers who provide formed products to retail or food service markets require cryogenic chilling in blenders to provide the desired product consistency.  

“While the blenders can use either CO2 or LIN, consider using both or switching to LIN where possible,” said Mark DiMaggio, Vice President of Applications, Marketing & Execution at Messer Americas. “Nitrogen (N2) can be as effective as CO2 and offers added convenience, flexibility and additional supply chain reliability at a comparable cost.” 

Messer’s application sales engineers can help processors decide which cryogen is best for their production facilities.

To learn more about Messer technology and expertise featured at the 2021 IPPE Marketplace, visit the Messer US website.

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About Messer 

Messer is the largest privately held industrial gas business in the world, and a leading industrial and medical gas company in North and South America. Messer offers over 120 years of expertise in industrial, medical, specialty, and electronic gases and safely delivers quality gases, related services and technology via an extensive production and distribution network. Messer Americas is part of Messer Group, representing a USD 3.5 billion enterprise with presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

For more information, visit: www.messeramericas.com.

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KRYOJECTOR is a registered trademark of Messer Industries USA, Inc.

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At the 2021 IPPE Marketplace, Messer is highlighting its technical and applications expertise through a virtual booth and encouraging processors to consider ensuring cryogenic supply by transitioning to liquid nitrogen (LIN) from carbon dioxide (CO2), where feasible.