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As we head into the middle of the year, it’s time again to catch up on industry news. Our most-read articles from May cover topics ranging from food sales to cultured meat. 

#1. Ingredients, Labor, Shipping Drive CPG Price Increases

Challenges associated with the pandemic drove food prices up in 2020, with an overall increase of 3.9% — that’s double 2019’s increase. Here are three reasons prices for CPG products continue to rise. 

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#2. Food Packaging Emerges as PFAS Battleground

The pressure is on for restaurants and food brands to phase out PFAS. This guest article covers the latest developments surrounding these “forever chemicals” and how the food industry can prepare for potential changes and challenges. 

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#3. Food Industry Receives “Strong” Reputation Score, Barilla Is Top-Performing F&B Company on 2021 Global RepTrak 100

Nine food and beverage companies made this year’s Global RepTrak 100 list, demonstrating their strong reputation in factors like products and services, innovation, and workplace. At #11, Barilla was again the top-ranking food company on the list.

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#4.  U.S. Organic Food Sales Jump 12.8% in 2020

Organic food sales grew by 12.8% last year, making up 6% of total food sales, thanks to consumers cooking and eating at home more often. In this article, we dive into more insights from the Organic Trade Association’s 2021 Organic Industry Survey.

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#5. Most People Would At Least Consider Trying Cultured Meat

Cultured meat once seemed like a lofty idea — now, it’s quickly coming to fruition. But are consumers ready to give it a try? For 80% of those based in the US and UK, the answer is “yes.” 

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