Mespack, the Driving Force of Equipment for Sustainable Flexible Packaging, Will Showcase its State-of-the-Art Technology in Pack Expo

Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, September 24th, 2021 

We are thrilled to announce that Mespack, the international leading manufacturer of flexible  packaging, end-of-line, and soluble pods equipment for consumer-packaged goods serving the  world’s leading brands, will be back to Pack Expo trade show, from the 27th to the 29th of  September, presenting the latest novelties in the booth C-4029, within Duravant area. The Fair,  held at Las Vegas Convention Centre, will be the meeting point of the upmost advances in  packaging and processing, upcoming trends, and new emerging technologies.  

Mespack, headquartered in Barcelona (Spain), and production plantsin Des Plaines (IL, USA) and  in Vadodara (India), will experience live demonstrations of the new HF Series, focus on food and  beverage industry, and the Hydroforma, a water-soluble pods solution.  

Pack Expo will be the first exhibition since Mespack and Cloud, two of the world’s leading  companies in flexible packaging industry, have joined forces. The integration during 2021 has  led to a significant growth of the company, thus allowing it to provide the customers with the  widest range of solutions, such as equipment for the manufacture of soluble single-dose pods,  horizontal or vertical flexible packaging machines, as well as case packing and palletizing lines;  all of these solutions under the concept of One-Stop-Shop Player that allows the company to  offer turnkey projects that Mespack has been successfully delivering worldwide since the  acquisition of the company SR Innova more than three years ago. 

Mespack has emerged stronger from the pandemic developing new models, which expand the  existing product families, such as the H140 FE, H170 FE, MS350, as well as the new HF Series,  the fill through spout solution for pre-made pouches. Additionally, Mespack has opened the  Mespack Innovation Centre, a laboratory environment ready to test and research new materials  such as paper and mono materials structures, which are recyclable ready, recycled, or  compostable, as well as provide with the most state-of-the-art equipment and technicians, who  are specialized in flexible packaging and are able to adapt machines in accordance with our  customer’s needs.

During Pack Expo, you will be able to see our new Mespack HF Series, a fill-through spout  solution for pre-made pouches. Thanks to the continuous filling system through the spout, there  is no wave effect and so, up to 15% of the headspace is reduced. Furthermore, the continuous  dosing system is equipped with a hygienic nozzle design, and a special in-line spout cleaning  system, which sprays filtered water, ensuring the removal of residual products on the spout. As  a result of its modular design, the HF Series allows for a pouch forming module to replace the  automatic rail loading system. This buffer is a custom-made configuration, especially designed  to growth the business of our customers. The Mespack HF Series is specially designed and  adapted to work with sustainable materials and it is fully adapted to the new software platform,  Mespack Athena, which assists customers to optimally use machines and increase their  efficiency. The New HF Series will be presenting officially on Monday at 2pm at Mespack’s booth  C-4029, with the collaboration of Uflex and Hoffer, who has developed a recyclable packaging  specially designed for this machine.  

On the other hand, we will have one of the stellar products for the home and personal care  industry, the Hydroforma 660, a solution comprised of versatile equipment for liquid and/or  powder water-soluble pods. The Hydroforma line includes solutions that are not only faster than  other competing machines, but also have higher cycle times than all competing systems, while  producing less waste. This machine has a precision filling system that can simultaneously load  powders and liquids. The change-over purging trough quickly slides in position in order to purge  old products and prime those that are new. Furthermore, the forming drum is customized to the  application of each customer.  

The Wall of Fame will be one of our more exciting areas, where the attendances will be able to  see recyclable stand-up pouches, all co-created with our key partners of the flexible packaging  sector: Amcor, Cellpack, Dow, Hoffer, Menshen, Mondi, ProAmpac, and Uflex. Mespack is  strongly committed to developing innovative equipment for sustainable packaging solutions to  preserve the environment and assist the customers in the pursuit of their goals. Mespack is a  leader of sustainability in the flexible packaging industry, following three main strategies: reduce  the usage of raw materials; replace traditional film materials with other sustainable solutions  and adapt the technology of the machines to make them capable to work with sustainable  materials. Moreover, in Unite States, we have a very strong collaboration with Dow Pack 

Studios® (Freeport, TX) and ProAmpac, Collaboration Innovation Centre (Rochester, NY), with  two Mespack H180 FE installed ready to test recyclable materials. 

Furthermore, visitors will have the chance to discover Mespack Athena, the innovative control  suite platform, which is used in all HFFS and VFFS machinery. This digital platform can perform  a variety of functions, On-Premise or On-Cloud, from machine control to data analytics. Mespack Athena is designed to assist the customers in acquiring greater control over packaging processes,  thus offering more efficiency, as a result of analysing generated data in real time. The on 

machine control is a user-friendly interface with a state-of-the-art hardware, which helps reduce  the operator learning curve. Eighty-five percent of screen capabilities can be performed in a  single click or less, including feature actions, alarms tooltips, and troubleshooting. 

During the show, you will be able to see our New Corporate Catalog with all the newest  information and the launch the new Mespack website: fresh, dynamic, and modern with many  new features.  

Do not miss the change to visit our Mespack C-4029, in Duravant booth and find-out more about  our large portfolio of machinery for produce flexible packaging for Food, Beverage, Personal  Care, Pharmaceutical, Pet food I Home care industries.  

About Mespack:  

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, Mespack, an international manufacturer of flexible  packaging, end-of-line, and soluble pods equipment, engineers and builds high speed machinery  for the world’s leading consumer packaged goods companies. Recognized as a highly innovative  brand, which delivers creative, functional, and sustainable packaging technologies, Mespack has  a broad portfolio of products and specializes in forming, filling, and sealing sachets, sticks,  pouches and other film-based packaging. With over 2,000 machines in service worldwide,  Mespack excels in export management and has a sales network in over 90 countries, as well as  regional service centres which provide expedited access to parts and services. Mespack, a  Duravant Company, serves the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, confectionary,  cosmetic, and personal care markets.