PLANTSTRONG® Appoints Top Sales and Brokerage Firms Ignite Sales Management and Acosta to Lead National Sales for the Plant-based Brand

Plant-Based Pioneer Rip Esselstyn, Author of the bestselling Engine 2 Diet and founder of PLANTSTRONG®, is Building an All-Star Sales Team with the Addition of Renowned Natural Channel Sales and Brokerage Firms: Ignite and Acosta.

Austin, TX (October 25, 2021) – As PLANTSTRONG® Foods – a company dedicated to providing delicious, convenient, and nutrient-dense plant-based foods – rolls out its product line this fall in leading natural food channels across the country, the company is pleased to announce it has appointed leading sales and brokerage firms Ignite Sales Management and Acosta as its sales and brokerage firms of record.

PLANTSTRONG, formerly known as Engine 2 Plant-Strong, recently launched eight new products in Whole Foods Market stores across the U.S., with more items on the way as the PLANTSTRONG team prepares to make its products available to all natural channel retailers nationwide in November.

The initial launch this past summer in Whole Foods Market included four organic, plant-based broths including Slow-Simmered Vegetable Broth, Shiitake Mushroom Broth, Sweet Corn Broth, and Spanish-Style Sofrito Broth; plus Firehouse Chili (previously available under the Engine 2 brand), Creamy White Bean Chili, Thai Carrot Chickpea Stew, and Indian Lentil Stew.

Founded by Rip Esselstyn, a former professional triathlete and Texas firefighter turned #1 New York Times Best Selling Author and health advocate, all PLANTSTRONG products were developed in collaboration with industry-leading plant-based chefs and evidence-based nutrition experts to provide full flavor, all while being made without added sugar, oil or excessive salt.

“With the expert teams at Ignite and Acosta behind our brand and helping lead the way, we are excited to present our products to retailers across the U.S. who want to offer more great-tasting, nutritious, plant-based products to their customers,” said Esselstyn. “Unlike other plant-based brands, we keep health at the forefront – while deeply flavorful, we never compromise on the nutritional integrity of our products. They truly are “best-for-you,” he added.

A Legacy of Sales and Brokering Leadership

Founded in 1927 in Jacksonville, FL, Acosta has grown into one of the largest consumer packaged goods (CPG) brokerage firms in the U.S. Working across a number of consumer industries, Acosta has established itself as one of the leading brokers of natural and plant-based products in the U.S. As an integrated sales and marketing services provider, Acosta works with CPG brands and retailers to succeed in today’s marketplace by delivering progressive solutions and exceptional service. Visit

Ignite Sales Management, founded in 2007 in Denver, CO, provides a master sales force for leading natural and organic CPG brands and serves as the manufacturer’s advocate in the marketplace. The company provides management and consulting expertise, including sales and marketing, merchandising, and promotional services to consumer packaged goods companies. Learn more at

A Brand Evolution

Engine 2 Plant-Strong was available for 10 years exclusively at Whole Foods Market with Esselstyn serving as the brand champion. The previous food line featured a best-selling assortment of food items including a vegetable broth and a firehouse chili. “It was ahead of its time,” says Esselstyn, “before eating plants was even a glimmer in mainstream dietary trends. But now, the timing is right. We’ve entered what I call, The PLANTSTRONG Era, and people are awakening to the idea that a lifestyle change is important—for our collective health and the health of the planet.”

In addition to its retail offerings, PLANTSTRONG Foods has other plant-based products available on its website including dessert-inspired, guilt-free granola, whole grain pizza crust kits, organic popcorn, and the ever-popular Rip’s Big Bowl Cereal.

About PLANTSTRONG® and Company Founder Rip Esselstyn

Founded in 2009, PLANTSTRONG®, formerly Engine 2 PLANTSTRONG®, is a leading provider of natural and organic plant-based foods. With a mission of offering “best for you” products, PLANTSTRONG® was founded by Rip Esselstyn, who spent a decade as one of the premier triathletes in the world. He then joined the Austin Fire Department where, inspired by the groundbreaking work of his father, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, noted general surgeon and author of Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease, Rip introduced his passion for a whole-food, plant-based diet to Austin’s Engine 2 Firehouse in order to rescue a firefighting brother’s health. To document his success he wrote the national bestselling book, The Engine 2 Diet, which shows the irrefutable connection between a plant-based diet and good health.

Rip’s work is featured prominently in the documentaries Forks Over Knives and The Game Changers. As the founder of PLANTSTRONG®, Rip also develops and implements a range of programs and events geared toward education, and inspiring and nurturing PLANTSTRONG® living for individuals, families, and organizations across the globe.

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