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Whole Foods today announced its top 10 food trends for 2022, identified by its Trends Council. This year’s predictions include a mix of lifestyles, ingredients, and food production practices.

In the lifestyle category is reducetarianism, which is the practice of eating less meat, dairy, and eggs without cutting them out completely. The company notes that when reducetarians do eat animal products, they tend to opt for premium choices.

Also related to lifestyle is buzz-less spirits, aka mocktails, as well as functional fizz. The sober curious movement has been gaining steam, particularly among Millennials and Gen Zers. Meanwhile consumers are seeking out sparkling beverages with functional ingredients like probiotics and botanicals.

In the ingredients category, we have yuzu, a tart and sour Asian citrus fruit that’s making its way into everything from salad dressings to noodle dishes.

Next up is hibiscus, which is expanding its reach beyond teas to fruit spreads, yogurts, and more, as well as moringa, which is moving into the space currently occupied by matcha. The plant, which is available in powder form, can be found in smoothies, sauces, protein bars, packaged grain blends, and more.

The two other ingredients on the list are sunflower seeds, which are protein-packed and allergy-friendly, and turmeric, which has made its way out of the supplement market and into a wide variety of packaged foods.

Finally, two trends fall into the food production category. Ultraurban farming refers to a range of indoor farming techniques (hydroponics, aquaponics, etc.) that allow producers to efficiently grow hyperlocal crops. Grains that give back are grains grown in ways that help address soil health, such as via nutrient cycling.

If you’re curious about any of these trends, Whole Foods has a new Trends Discovery Box, which allows you to taste products that represent each of the 10 trends. Order yours for $30 here.

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