Moscow - Sep 12, 2021: Vaccinated young woman showing COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, healthy person in mask after getting corona virus vaccine. Coronavirus vaccine shot and immunization mandate.

The Biden administration today announced the expected new OSHA rule mandating COVID-19 vaccines for companies with 100 or more employees.

Here are the details:

  • Employees must either be fully vaccinated by January 4 or be tested weekly for COVID-19. Employees who test positive must be removed from the workplace.
  • Employers must provide paid time off for employees to get vaccinated and, if necessary, sick leave to recover from side effects.
  • Employers do not have to pay for tests for unvaccinated workers, unless other laws or collective bargaining agreements stipulate this requirement.
  • All unvaccinated workers must wear a mask at work.

Companies that don’t comply are subject to standard OSHA penalties, which are currently $13,653 per violation.

Many food and beverage companies, including Tyson Foods and Coca-Cola, have already mandated that their workers get vaccinated.

For more information about the rule, read the OSHA FAQs.

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