ChaseDesign leaders to present at Path To Purchase LIVE

November 2, 2021

What & Who

Store traffic is up. Retailers are building stores at a pace not seen in years. And many CPGs are enjoying substantial sales growth in physical stores. But as the pandemic recedes, how do CPGs and their retail partners create new growth in the year ahead?

Find out from two industry experts speaking at Path to Purchase LIVE this week. Joe Lampertius and Peter Cloutier of ChaseDesign, the human-centered design agency, are presenting The Physical Store: New Realities, New Opportunities, and will use concrete examples of what’s happening at retail today to examine the innovations in physical store experience and design that are helping CPGs and their retail partners create new, sustainable growth.

Joe and Peter will cover:

  • Delivering delight at retail. How brand partners are working with retailers to deliver shopper delight and create the destinations and experiences that grow revenues.
  • Innovation, imagination, and bold choices. We’ll share who’s unlocking new possibilities in the physical store today, and what’s coming tomorrow.
  • Taming the checkout paradox. It’s the #1 pain point, yet retailers and forward-thinking CPGs are helping turn this into a better, more profitable experience.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at 3:10 pm ET.

Path to Purchase LIVE virtual platform. Register here. We can also share the presentation after the session.

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