PAC Releases List of Several Packaging Machines with Short Lead Times Ahead of 2022 Price Increase

Inflation, national supply chain disruptions, won’t impact mentioned machines with  inventory surplus  


Berea, OH (November 16, 2021) PAC Machinery, leader in packaging equipment,  announces short lead times on several packaging machines, including shrink  wrappers, impulse sealers, vacuum sealers, validtable medical sealers and automatic  baggers. PAC has announced current pricing will remain as-is for the remainder of the  year, despite soaring inflation and supply chain issues. The following packaging  machines are able to be shipped quickly, in weeks, due to ample inventory:  

Shrink Wrap  

Dempack™ H25 One Step Shrink Wrap  

Clamco 6800CS Automatic Shrink Sealer  

Impulse Sealers  

PT Plus Impulse Sealer  

PT Plus Med Validatable Impulse Sealer  

Vacuum Sealers  

PVT Plus Vacuum Sealer  

PVT Plus Med Validatable Vacuum Sealer  


Rollbag® R785 Automatic Bagger  

“With supply chain delays and increases in pricing for raw materials and parts, we  wanted to be proactive and let businesses know that PAC has a number of machines  that if ordered soon can be shipped quickly, said Greg Berguig, Vice President of Sales  and Marketing. “Any business with an immediate need and budget for new or  improved packaging equipment should take advantage of our inventory surplus now for  quick delivery and save money before prices go up in January, Berguig said.  

PAC Machinery will be implementing an across the board price increase on all  machinery at the start of 2022. Like so many companies are forced to do this year, the  cost of parts, shipping and other inflation-related costs have been passed down from  suppliers and are impacting bottom lines. PAC has been absorbing added costs this  year but has no choice but to increase pricing for 2022 to help offset rising costs.  

To save money now, PAC Machinery is urging companies wanting to purchase  equipment, to place orders now through December 30, 2021 to beat the increase. All  orders placed after will be subject to new pricing. 

Dempack™ H25 

Is a combination seal and shrink machine for light production quantities  and for packaging a wide variety of products. Shrink wrap boxes, small  items in multiples, and even unique shapes like pizzas! Operates with a  shrink hood instead of a tunnel. The hood is closed by hand and an  electromagnet holds it down during the film sealing and heat-shrink  wrapping cycle. Lean More  

Clamco 6800CS Automatic Shrink Sealer  

Is a highly efficient all-electric side sealer that combines a hot knife end  seal with an adjustable seal and trim knife. The trim knife is actuated  when the product moves past the cross seal. This shrink sealer can  pack products of any length at high speed. Learn More 

PVT Plus  

Is the ideal tabletop vacuum sealer for applications where removal of air  from a bag before sealing is required. The PVT Plus provides speed and  flexibility for applications requiring an industrial quality piece of equipment  and is packed with the largest range of standard features of any vacuum  sealer on the market. Learn More  

PVT Plus Med  

Is a validatable vacuum sealer intended for medical and other critical packaging applications which require precise control of all sealing process parameters. Learn More 

PT Plus Med Sealer  

Is a compact tabletop pouch sealer with independent control of all  process parameters that has a validatable sealer for medical,  

pharma and other applications which require precise control of all  sealing process parameters. Learn More 

PAC PT Plus Industrial Pneumatic Impulse Sealer  

Is the ideal tabletop pneumatic impulse sealer for packaging applications where seal integrity is critical. Provides speed and  flexibility for applications requiring an industrial quality piece of packaging equipment. Learn More

Rollbag® R785 Automatic Bagger  

Is a unique, all-electric tabletop automatic poly bagger. This compact all electric automatic bagger delivers a dependable, industrial quality, multi shift packaging solution. Using an advanced control system, the R785 is  able to operate at a rate of up to 40 bags/min for some applications. 

Standard machine for applications not requiring print and for immediate  poly bagging needs. (Available for shipment in 2 to 3 days) Learn More 

Note- Machines are designed and produced for Medical/Pharma applications  ###  


As a leader in the flexible packaging industry for over 50 years, PAC Machinery is a trusted  partner for businesses desiring more from their packaging capabilities. From global companies,  pharmaceutical and medical industry manufacturers to online retailers, PAC Machinery can  transform packaging operations with customized systems that immediately improve ROI with  versatile poly bagging, shrink wrapping, bag sealing and flow wrapping systems. PAC’s  solutions increase productivity through automation, reduce return rates with superior package  integrity, minimize package volume to save shipping costs, and extend product shelf life for  maximum freshness. With better choices and more experience, PAC Machinery creates the  ideal solution for any packaging equipment need.  

PAC Machinery’s globally recognized brands known for long-lasting, flexible packaging  equipment include: Packaging Aids, Vertrod, Clamco, Rollbag, and Converting Technology.  Headquartered in San Rafael, California with additional manufacturing facilities in Berea, OH. and  Milwaukee, WI. Contact PAC Machinery at 25 Tiburon Street, San Rafael, CA 94901. 1 (800)  985-9570.