As this week’s lineup shows, ‘tis the season for holiday-themed products and packaging, giftable snacks, and functional wine and smoothies.

Evive: Super Functional Smoothies

Adding to its line of blenderless smoothies, Evive recently announced Super Functional smoothies in Energy, Zen, and Immunity varieties. 

Taking the form of frozen cubes that melt into water, juice, or plant-based milk, the organic, vegan smoothies are a time-saving nutrition solution.

Super Functional smoothies are available online, priced at $4.90 per unit, as well as in select stores in Canada and the US.

Karuna: Non-alcoholic Wine

Karuna recently launched a wine alternative called Karviva Unwined. 

The alcohol-free juice is the first of its kind, in that it doesn’t go through the wasteful de-alcohol process. It’s carefully crafted from tart and powerhouse fruits to add functional benefits like immune support, relaxation, and heart health, and flavored to resemble Malbec wine. 

Karviva Unwined is available through Amazon or in stores nationwide, sold in packs of four 12 fl. oz. bottles.

Hiland Dairy: Custard and Egg Nogs

Hiland Dairy just released its Old Fashioned Egg Nog, Old Fashioned Custard, and Pumpkin Spice Egg Nog to celebrate the holidays.

Made with fresh, local milk and cream, sugar, and egg yolks, Old Fashioned Egg Nog is a staple of holiday festivities. Old Fashioned Custard is its sweeter cousin, while Pumpkin Spice Egg Nog brings delicious pumpkin pie flavors into the mix. 

The seasonal beverages are available in retail stores until January 1, with a suggested price of $2.59 per quart-sized carton.

Loacker: Seasonal Wafer Cookies

To celebrate the holiday season, Loacker released three new flavors of better-for-you, sustainably-sourced wafers — Gingerbread, Cinnamon, and Orange Speculoos. 

The wafers are free of preservatives, added colors, and artificial flavors and come in a resealable 7.76 oz. bag for $4.49.

Supplier Catalog - NaegeleVertical Roots: Holiday Packaging

Vertical Roots added some holiday flair to its hydroponic lettuce and salad mixes with new packaging. 

The company’s hydroponic produce is non-GMO and grown without harmful pesticides and chemicals.

The festively-packaged products are available at select southeast grocery stores. And, for the month of December, Vertical Roots will donate a portion of its proceeds to Feeding America.

Old Trapper: Snack-Sized Beef Sticks

For its Original, Jalapeño, and Teriyaki flavors, Old Trapper recently reformatted its beef sticks into a snackable size. 

All varieties have a suggested retail price of $15 per 15 oz. bag and are available at nationwide grocery stores, convenience stores, and online.