PAC Announces Top Selling Packaging Machines of 2021 & Customer Trends

San Rafael, CA – (January 5, 2022) PAC Machinery, a leader in packaging equipment  with one of the most diverse ranges of machinery, is celebrating a successful year and  announcing a list of the most popular packaging machines purchased by customers in  2021. These best selling packaging machines will be the focus of digital campaigns as recommended machines throughout January and February 2022. Company leaders are  also revealing top trends in the industry as they have observed from a very busy year in  packaging equipment! 

Top Equipment Categories 

Machine categories include Automatic Baggers, Vacuum Sealers, Automatic Shrink WrappersBag Sealers, and Flow Wrappers.“We had an increase in bag sealers due to medical  packagers,” said Greg Berguig, VP Sales & Marketing, PAC Machinery. “We have excellent  options with the validatable medical seals that this market requires. As far as automatic  baggers go, being our largest machine category in sales is no surprise with our versatile  automatic bagger options that can do it all – including right sizing the bag to the product, printing  on the package and an option to use poly bags or tubing, which saves on costs and material  lead time,” Berguig said. 

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Top Industries 

Top Industries for PAC include ecommerce fulfillment, medical, food, industrial, electronics, and  aerospace. 

Top PAC Machine Models 

Shrink Wrap Machines 

  • 6750EL Automatic L-Bar Sealer was a hit. This all-electric system is perfect for packagers on the entry-level side of automatic shrink wrapping
  • 6800CS Automatic Side Sealer also saw extremely high demand, especially with the XL version, for large products

Automatic Baggers

  • Rollbag R785 All-Electric Bagger was a standout with customers looking for a workstation poly bagging solution. With the optional label printer applicator customers are able to print a scannable barcode onto clear stock bags as well as poly mailers for  shipping 
  • There was high demand for the Rollbag R3200, one of the most configurable automatic baggers on the market, as well as the Rollbag Magnum Horizontal. Both R3200 and Magnum Horizontal have the option to use poly tubing, which saves customers money,  reduces material usage, and has a significantly shorter lead time than pre-opened poly  bags 

Vacuum Packaging 

  • PVT Plus Tabletop Nozzle-Style Vacuum Sealer had extremely high sales due to being a well-optioned machine at a competitive price point, as well as being available with a short lead time 
  • Sales for chamber vacuum sealers were also extremely high for industrial packaging applications

Medical Packaging 

  • PAC saw quite a bit of growth in this sector, including with Vertrod Medical Impulse Sealers (all models), PVK Med Vacuum Sealers with our MedLogic control system, as well as Rollbag Medical Baggers that make, label, load, and seal Tyvek® poly pouches  in one quick step. 

These popular packaging machines are helping growing businesses spanning a wide range of  industries. PAC Machinery has solutions for almost any type of packaging application and is a  major contributing factor for PAC Machinery’s continued growth.  

Customer Trends 

Jason Hudek, Regional Sales Manager in the Southeast, said business is booming from what  he has seen, citing the following reasons: (1) An increase in online shopping since the Covid  pandemic began (2) High demand for automated packaging solutions from new or growing  online merchants (3) Changing requirements from Amazon and other trendsetting retailers  along with the transition from boxes to poly mailers. 

Fulfillment automatic baggers are on fire right now! I have helped many customers who  have been bagging products by hand to automate their process,” Hudek said. “I am showing the  Rollbag R785 Automatic Bagger to customers who are saying – I gotta have it! This machine  reduces many headaches for them including doing more with less staff – helpful also as a  solution to the labor shortage hurting businesses now. Our automatic baggers right size the  bag to the product and print right on the bags – saving time and money with automation,” Hudek  said. 

The pharma and fulfillment industry is another HUGE area of growth for PAC this year,  especially for shipping of prescriptions in poly mailers. Hudek said there has also been growth in  shrink packaging and flow wrapping machines with food industry clients, including energy  bars, to cookies and bakeries. He also noticed an uptick in start-ups transitioning from manual  packaging to automation to keep up with customer demand.

The demand for all things chip-related has grown tremendously over the last year and will  continue to grow for years to come. 

“Whether it’s the auto industry, a computer manufacturer or any other manufacturer that  requires a semiconductor for the production of their product, the semiconductor chip crisis has  had a serious impact on our lives, said Sean Geniesse, Product Specialist, PAC Machinery.  “PAC Machinery is honored for the opportunity to assist some of the world’s leading  semiconductor manufacturers with their vacuum packaging needs. The PVG Electro Pac  Vacuum Sealer is specifically designed for applications in the electronics industry where seal  integrity and consistent vacuum levels are critical,” Geniesse said. 

Growth through Marketing 

This year was also the return to in-person large-scale events. PAC Machinery was an exhibitor  at Pack Expo in September, the first large expo for the packaging industry. PAC gained a large  number of leads and sales from being an exhibitor. Other areas that contributed to the growth  included paid target ads, an expanded social media program, consistent email campaigns, new  public relations efforts and programs and a robust video marketing program. All promotional  efforts combined with buyers in need of PAC’s solutions, plus growth in key customer industries  lead to new records for PAC Machinery. 


As a leader in the flexible packaging industry for over 50 years, PAC Machinery is a trusted  partner for businesses desiring more from their packaging capabilities. From global companies,  pharmaceutical and medical industry manufacturers to online retailers, PAC Machinery can  transform packaging operations with customized systems that immediately improve ROI with  versatile poly bagging, shrink wrapping, bag sealing, vacuum packaging, and flow wrapping  systems. PAC’s solutions increase productivity through automation, reduce return rates with  superior package integrity, minimize package volume to save shipping costs, and extend  product shelf life for maximum freshness. With better choices and more experience, PAC  Machinery creates the ideal solution for any packaging equipment need. 

PAC Machinery’s globally recognized brands known for long-lasting, flexible packaging  equipment include: Packaging Aids, Vertrod, Clamco, Rollbag, and Converting Technology.  Headquartered in San Rafael, California with additional manufacturing facilities in Berea, OH.  and Milwaukee, WI. Contact PAC Machinery at 25 Tiburon Street, San Rafael, CA 94901. 1  (800) 985-9570.