soy beans and oil

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Forrester Research has been measuring the shopping drivers of increasingly empowered consumers for over a decade. As expert researchers and device users, empowered shoppers take into consideration everything from company values to manufacturing and supply chain practices when identifying sustainable options. Forrester’s consumer data analysis found that 68 percent of highly empowered consumers plan to step up their efforts to identify brands that reduce environmental impact. (1)

With this recent shift in buyer behavior toward environmentally friendly alternatives, it’s critical for businesses to have a sustainability strategy in place and stick to it.  

Soybeans and Sustainability 

In the past 40 years, American soybean farmers have reduced the energy it takes to raise a bushel of soybeans by 45 percent. Today, one bushel of soybeans can be produced with 42 percent fewer emissions, 61 percent less water and 47 percent less land than in 1980.(2) 

Farmers are using precision agriculture to apply fertilizer only where it’s needed. They are also enhancing soil health by minimizing tillage, which increases organic matter levels in their fields. And, it’s also worth noting that soybeans are a nitrogen-fixing legume which allows growers to improve soil health. 

How does this impact you? Using U.S. soybean oil will help keep your sustainability promises to your customers. 

SOYLEIC® Soybeans are the Solution 

SOYLEIC® soybean oil is a non-GMO, high-oleic oil that helps food manufacturers and retailers meet their sustainability goals. Made from U.S. soybeans and grown with advanced sustainability practices, SOYLEIC® soybean oil has a longer fry life, reducing wasted oil and the environmental impacts associated with its disposal. 

To take it a step further, varieties like SOYLEIC® soybeans are used to create high-oleic soybean oil, a highly stable oil that can be used at high temperatures with lower absorption rates. This makes it ideal for frying foods, but also results in lower oil use saving food manufacturers money and further reducing the environmental impact associated with oil production and transportation.  

Because SOYLEIC® soybeans are a non-GMO, high-oleic soybean, they must be kept separate from commodity soybeans. This means that SOYLEIC® soybeans can be traced back to the individual farms that grow them, providing food manufacturers and retailers with a transparent, fully traceable farm to fork story for consumers who are interested in knowing where their food comes from. 

A Top 10 Innovation 

The advancements in U.S. soybean oil are being widely recognized in the agriculture industry. Just this year, SOYLEIC® soybeans were named as one of Seed World’s 10 Most Innovative Products of 2021. SOYLEIC® soybeans competed against applicants from across the seed industry that were selected based on impact to the industry, market potential, return on investment for the grower, societal impact, scalability and overall innovative qualities.  

From field to table, SOYLEIC® soybeans make for a functional, high-quality, non-GMO oil. Food companies and food manufacturers continue to look at ways to increase their sustainability efforts, and SOYLEIC® soybean oil will help meet the everchanging needs and growing demands of consumers.