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Need to catch up on the latest food industry news? Our most-read articles for February include a look at how effective training can help attract and retain employees, an overview of the positive changes that could be in store for the food industry in 2022, and the benefits of automated fresh food distribution.

#1. Why Increased Food Production Isn’t as Sustainable as Reducing Food Loss and Waste

This guest article discusses the monetary and sustainability advantages of prioritizing food waste reduction. It also highlights the problems with contamination and increasing production, concluding that improving efficiencies along the supply chain can ultimately help to reduce food waste.

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#2. Six Ways to Attract and Retain Employees with Effective Training

The continuing effects of the Great Resignation have made it challenging for all industries to hold on to their workforce, and the manufacturing industry in particular can sometimes be monotonous and isolating for employees. This guest article discusses retention strategies employers can implement from day one that focus on effective training.

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Supplier Catalog - SafetyChain#3. 2022 Predictions – Better Days Are Coming for the Food Industry

Positive change may be on the horizon for the food industry after almost two years of challenges like staffing shortages and supply chain disruptions. This guest article predicts a brighter future as supply chains becomes more agile, data visibility and recency improve, and technology solutions become more accessible and affordable.

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#4. Stakeholders: ESG Issues for Food Manufacturers

This guest article highlights the gains that are possible if food manufacturers proactively address Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues in their business. The author breaks down the impact ESG considerations have on various stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, suppliers, and community.

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#5. Top 3 Reasons to Automate Fresh Food Distribution

Due to the time-sensitive nature of the fresh food supply chain, an increasing number of fresh food companies and distributors have invested in automation. This guest post explores the benefits of automation, including maximum product freshness, flexibility to meet demand, and optimal labor usage.

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