Net Zero 2050 Carbon Neutral. Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions
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Only three out of 55 companies received an A grade on As You Sow’s recently released Net Zero scorecard, and two of those are in the F&B industry: beverage giant PepsiCo, which got an A, and Ecolab, a provider of food safety and hygiene solutions, which got an A- (the third was Microsoft). The Coca-Cola Company, the only other food and beverage manufacturer assessed, got a D+.

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The scorecard grades the progress of companies toward reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in line with the Paris Agreement, measuring GHG disclosures, GHG targets, and GHG reductions.

The results paint a bleak picture. “The primary finding from our analysis is that the overwhelming majority of companies assessed have neither established comprehensive 1.5 degree-aligned GHG reduction goals nor demonstrated progress in reducing their emission in alignment with net zero goals,” the report authors wrote.

Overall, companies have done the best with their climate-related disclosures: nearly half (25) of companies received either an A or a B, while only three failed. The scenario was almost reversed for actual GHG reductions, with 43 companies failing. PepsiCo and Ecolab were both among the only six companies that received an A for emissions reductions. No company received an A for setting GHG targets.

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