soyleic soy beans and oil
soy beans and oil

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To better understand changing consumer preferences and how they impact brands, the IBM Institute for Business Value, in partnership with the National Retail Federation, conducted a research study consisting of nearly 19,000 consumers from 28 countries. They asked about shopping habits, factors driving brand and product choice, consumption patterns, and the willingness to change behavior based on a variety of personal values and beliefs.

The results showed that 71% of those surveyed indicated traceability is very important, and they are willing to pay a premium for brands that provide it.1

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This research highlights the importance for businesses to earn consumers’ confidence through traceability.

Building “buyer confidence” in your consumers

Traceability is a system used to track a product from production to consumption, which is critical for meeting operations and regulations standards by increasing transparency across food supply chains.2

For consumers, traceability goes beyond just the product information found on the packaging. Food brands are using local ingredients, engaging in sustainable sourcing, and providing detailed nutritional information. But most importantly, traceability allows consumers to verify where their food comes from and learn about how it made its way to their table.

Putting traceability to the test

Soybean oil from SOYLEIC® soybeans is the best of both worlds: it has the functionality and performance that soy oil is known for, but with a high oleic fat profile that naturally eliminates trans fats.

To deliver the benefits of a value-added soybean, a supply chain that keeps SOYLEIC® soybeans separated from commodity soybeans is required. An identity preservation system ensures consumers are confident the product they receive will hold the benefits they demand.

In these smaller integrated systems, each partner is responsible for every step in the production process, from producing seed to sales, marketing, crush, and end-use.

This means that SOYLEIC® soybeans can be traced back to the individual farms that grow them, providing food manufacturers and retailers with a transparent, fully traceable farm to fork story for consumers who are interested in knowing where their food comes from.

The future of food

As food demands continue to change, SOYLEIC® soybeans will continue to help food manufacturers and retailers provide versatile, functional, sustainable, non-GMO soybean oil to their consumers.

And as long as consumers demand nutritious and sustainable food choices, SOYLEIC® soybeans are ready to deliver. Visit to request a sample of SOYLEIC® high oleic soybean oil to test in your kitchen.