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Rising prices and economic concerns are causing shifts in consumers’ wellness priorities, according to Evergi’s new Economic Impact on Wellness Trends: Q1 2022 Summary Report. In particular, interest in sleep and exercise has increased significantly, while interest in plant-based, sustainability, and digestive health has decreased moderately.

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More than one-third (35%) of respondents identified money as their top cause of stress in Q2, which is a recent high, and this is impacting where they are willing to spend their money. Compared to Q4 2021, a smaller percentage of consumers now say that high quality is worth extra money, that meal kits/subscriptions are worth the cost, that they prefer name brand foods, that they buy eco-friendly products, and that they buy organic products.

Some food and beverage categories have been able to buck this downward trend. Evergi found that green tea, nut and oat milks, kombucha, and matcha tea/latte powder all saw small increases, as did snacking cheese, granola bars, chip alternatives, and plant-based snacks.

Download the full report for more insights and tips on what wellness-focused companies can do to meet the needs of today’s consumers.

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