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Need to catch up on the latest food industry news? Our most-read articles for May include a report on grocery and food shortages, a look at the emerging trends in pet food, and the results of a survey on plant-based meat and dairy purchases. 

#1. Over Half of Consumers Report Grocery and Food Shortages: Morning Consult

More than half (51%) of consumers reported experiencing shortages of certain types of groceries and food in March 2022. This percentage was up from 43% in September 2021. Grocery was also the top category where consumers expected to see continued priced increases.

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#2. Manufacturers’ Tales of Going Green: 3 Steps F&B Manufacturers Can Take to Make Sustainability Pay

This article by guest author Louis Columbus explains why sustainability is increasingly tied to strong business performance and linked to lean manufacturing. Columbus outlines three steps companies can take to achieve greater sustainability levels that also directly improve lean manufacturing performance.

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#3. Consumers Want It All for Their Pets, and Manufacturers Are Ready to Deliver: CRB’s Horizons Pet Food Report

Consumers are no longer satisfied with making tradeoffs and want food and beverage products that meet all of their needs. This trend has extended to the realm of pets, and pet food and treat manufacturers are investing in avenues to increase production capacity and improve the quality of their products.

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Supplier Catalog - Software - LCEsmartr#4. 40% of Consumers Purchase Plant-Based Meat and/or Dairy, Health Is the Top Reason: Acosta Survey

Data from an Acosta survey revealed that 40% of consumers purchased plant-based meat or dairy products within the past six months prior to March 2022, and most did so for health reasons. The most common products they swap out with plant-based ones are beef, pork, and traditional milk.

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#5. The Dust Hazard Analysis: Your Questions Answered

This article by guest author Rick Kreczmer sorts through the confusion that surrounds the dust hazard analysis (DHA) process within the food industry. He provides answers to common questions, such as why food processors and bakers need to complete a DHA and what’s involved in the process.

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