Wixon Announces New Taste of Caribbean Flavor Systems

Dives into island cuisines’ global influences in latest Wixon Innovates culinary research  

ST. FRANCIS, Wis. (Sept. 27, 2022) – Today Wixon announced the debut of a line of custom Caribbean flavor systems inspired by the diverse cuisine of the Caribbean islands. “It’s a prime time for flavor inspiration,” says Wixon Marketing Manager, Rachael Jarzembowski. “Despite the ongoing effects of the pandemic and current inflationary pressures, people still want some adventure – experiencing new flavors from exotic locales like the Caribbean fills that desire.” In fact earlier this year, 46% of consumers reported having tried Caribbean cuisines and said they would do so again, according to Mintel. A further 24% had not tried it but would be interested in trying it.

The latest Wixon Innovates flavor development research took a deep dive into Caribbean cuisine and its far-reaching global influences. With more than 700 islands scattered across a million plus square miles in the Caribbean Sea, the region’s cuisine is highly dependent on local ingredients, yet features diverse and bold flavors. Island staples such as cassava, yams, rice, plantains, beans, fungi, and seafood play host to enticing flavor combinations of aromatics, herbs and spices from fiery sweet heat to subtle tangy citrus.

“Caribbean cuisine is an eclectic symphony of flavor notes, foods and cultures,” says Wixon Corporate Chef, Ryan Kukuruzovic. “It incorporates an extensive array of ingredients and flavors from cuisines across the globe – African, Creole, Cajun, Amerindian, European, Latin American, Northern and Eastern Indian, Middle Eastern, and Chinese. While all these cuisines individually were formative to Caribbean cooking and ultimately to its culture, their distinct flavors now have melded into one delectably unique cuisine we know as Caribbean.”

The Wixon team developed a new line of Caribbean-Inspired flavor systems based on the Innovates research.

Examples follow:

Cuba Libre – a subtly sweet, savory cola blend balanced with dark Jamaican rum and zesty lime.

Caribbean Coconut Curry – with notes of turmeric, spicy ginger, coriander, fenugreek, thyme, toasted cumin and allspice

Agrio de Naranja – inspired by traditional Dominican hot sauce, a citrusy, fruity and savory blend.

Wasakaka – or guasacaca – fresh, green notes, paired with black pepper and garlic, boasting a citrusy finish.

Caribbean Blackened – a sweet and spicy blend with savory brown notes accentuated with bitter orange and fresh lime flavor.

Scotch Bonnet Guava – a sweet and spicy combination inspired by traditional Jamaican Jerk seasoning with an added fruity guava twist.

More information from the latest Wixon Innovates research and about these and other Caribbean-inspired flavor systems can be found at Caribbean Flavors – Wixon, Inc.

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