Hooray Foods Plant-Based Bacon Opens First-Ever Community Round

Gives Customers and Fans an Opportunity to Be a Part of the Company’s Success

SAN FRANCISCO, (Jan. 18, 2023) Hooray Foods, a leader in the plant-based meats category, today announced a launch of an equity crowdfunding campaign. The Community Round is hosted on Wefunder, a platform that enables the general public to invest in pre-IPO startups alongside venture capitalists. This is a unique opportunity for the brand’s customers, fans and supporters of the plant-based food industry to invest in Hooray Foods for as little as $100 in exchange for company equity and product perks.

“We’re happy to invite our community to join us on the march toward a better food system,” said Hooray Foods founder and CEO Sri Artham. “This is also a rare business opportunity as the plant-based bacon market has massive potential but there are no publicly-traded companies in the space. Additionally, our bacon has great margins, our sales have been on the rise and we have a clear plan to being a profitable company by the end of this year, all of which create a path to an excellent return on investment.”

Hooray Foods uses a scalable and patent-protected technology to create plant-based bacon that sizzles and tastes like traditional pork bacon. Because the bacon is free from soy and gluten, and made of simple ingredients, it is accessible to a wider range of customers compared to Hooray’s competitors.

With a value of $6 billion in the United States alone and $55 billion worldwide, the plant-based market has immense potential. In just two years, Hooray Foods has gained a widespread share, selling in more than 1,000 grocery stores, including Whole Foods Market nationwide, and a growing presence in restaurants. Moreover, Hooray Foods bacon is quickly approaching price parity with traditional meat products.

Upon reaching a goal of securing $500,000 in this Community Round, Hooray Foods plans to expand Hooray Bacon’s distribution and further research and development that will allow the brand to fill in the gap in indulgent plant-based meats on the market. 

To learn more about Hooray Foods plant-based bacon and its strategy to reach profitability, as well as investment options, visit wefunder.com/hooray


Hooray Foods has a vision for plant-based meats that closely mimic their animal counterparts while using ingredients that consumers can feel great about because eating should be a joyful experience. The hefty environmental, animal welfare, and health impact of meat is the driving force behind the brand, but taste takes top billing. With a head office and food lab in San Francisco, Hooray is poised to take its plant-based bacon to plates across the country, while making a positive impact on the environment, animal welfare, and human health one crispy, delicious slice at a time! For a store and restaurant locator, and to learn more, visit hoorayfoods.com.


Wefunder is a platform that helps founders raise a Community Round from their most passionate customers and fans alongside venture capital. Headquartered in San Francisco with a distributed team across the country, Wefunder has fundamentally changed the regulation crowdfunding space from the regulations to making it accessible to all at scale. Wefunder is a Public Benefit Corp, not only for its mission to fix capitalism, but because it’s the way companies should be run. To learn more visit communityround.com or wefunder.com

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