Green Boy Group Opens New Office in Chicago Led by Thomas Smit

Los Angeles//Amsterdam, Feb. 13, 2023 

For Immediate Release 

Green Boy Group, a global supplier of plant-based, NON-GMO, and Organic Food Ingredients, has  appointed Thomas Smit as head of their new office in Chicago. 

“We couldn’t have hoped for a better way to start the new year than being finally able to  announce the opening of our Chicago office,” says Peter van Dijken, Green Boy Co-Founder and  Owner. “Especially, since Chicago is a city so dear to our hearts and a major natural food hub in  the US. Since a lot of our customers are located in the Midwest it was a logical next step. Now  we’ll be able to even better serve their needs” 

“It took about three years to get this office ready to go” Frederik Otten, Green Boy Co-Founder  and Owner, elaborates. “Mostly because we wanted the right person to lead the Green Boy  Chicago office. Our eyes were set on Thomas Smit for a while, a food industry veteran with more  than a decade of experience in supplying plant-based food ingredients. Thomas is a burst of  positive energy and has a proven track record of successfully building up and managing a new  office in Chicago.  

Thomas Smit’s career started at Nidera in 2013 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands where he focused  on supplying plant-based food ingredients globally. In 2016 Thomas joined Royal Ingredients and  moved over to Chicago to start their new office in the role of managing director. BayWa acquired  Royal Ingredients in 2018 due to the growth of its sales in the US market. 

“I am grateful for my time at Royal where I gained a lot of experience on how to start, run and  expand an office in a market that is constantly evolving,” says Thomas Smit “but when Green Boy  approached me to head their new office in Chicago, I was getting very excited. Green Boy’s vision  to reform the food industry via their functional plant-based proteins, such as Plant-Meat Protein™ and Plant-Dairy Protein™, really resonated with me. Their approach to the market is unique, Green Boy has a B2B as well as a B2C business, houses an extensive food research lab in Los  Angeles, and works with interesting collaborators such as universities and industry-relevant organizations. The company also has big plans for the future, and I wanted to play a substantive  role in their ongoing expansion in the US”. 

Green Boy, founded in 2016 by Frederik Otten and Peter van Dijken, is a worldwide supplier of  plant-based NON-GMO and Organic Food Ingredients with a specialization in supplying functional  plant-based proteins. Green Boy has offices in Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Sydney, and  Chicago. Find out more about us at

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