Atlas® Announces Innovative DuraTherm® BDT (Biodegradable Technology) Packaging

Sustainable Packaging That’s Better for the Environment: Insulated Shipping Containers Are Ideal for Wine, Pharmaceutical and Food Distribution

ATLANTA – September 25, 2023 – Atlas Molded Products, a division of Atlas Roofing Corporation, today announces the introduction of DuraTherm BDT® (Biodegradable Technology) to their product line-up. DuraTherm has always been known to effectively insulate and protect temperature-sensitive products, but now DuraTherm BDT can biodegrade in wetter landfills up to 92% in four years, while also maintaining its structural integrity throughout its distribution life cycle along with full recycling capabilities. DuraTherm BDT products are more landfill friendly packaging solutions designed for cold chain shipping, handling and storage needs.

“With the introduction of DuraTherm BDT, our customers now have the peace of mind that their temperature-sensitive products will be delivered sustainably to the consumer,” said Steve Heaton, Vice President and General Manager of Atlas Molded Products. “Our new DuraTherm BDT is an ideal packaging solution that’s infinitely recyclable, providing our customers with sustainable environmental solutions that drive positive change is a priority for our company.”

Recycling Friendly: Now Better for the Environment

Whether recycling the packaging or if DuraTherm BDT goes straight to the landfill, the end-user can determine the best path, knowing either way it now has less impact on the environment. The advanced technology being used in the Atlas BDT foam shippers is composed of a biodegradable[1] technology2 that does not negatively impact recyclability. The product can be recycled anywhere that accepts standard #6 recycling, which includes over five hundred locations nationwide. When recycling DuraTherm BDT into new packaging solutions, the formula can be perpetually recycled into other polystyrene products or foam packaging for years to come.

If the packaging is not recycled and ends up in a landfill, customers have peace of mind in knowing that DuraTherm BDT Sustainable Packaging is formulated to break down more quickly than other polystyrene foam in biologically active landfills. The advanced expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation used in DuraTherm BDT shippers biodegrades 92% over four years when tested using the ASTM D5511 test that simulates wetter and biologically active landfills.  This helps save on the precious landfill space.

Multiple Applications To Support Environmental Practices

The new DuraTherm BDT technology insulates and protects a wide variety of products throughout the entire distribution process. From beverages to frozen and fresh food to temperature sensitive shipments, DuraTherm BDT ensures the insulated materials will have a better end-of-life story through recycling or biodegrading at the landfill.

DuraTherm BDT Wine Shippers, designed for suppliers and their distributors, controls the wine’s temperature during shipment, whether it’s summer or winter and regardless of temperature fluctuations. Securing the wine bottles in place happens with an innovative tightening system that minimizes movement. The improved bottom cushioning with robust chamfered edges and increased wall thickness provides the highest level of tested protection on the market. Atlas offers multiple wine packaging options, including DuraTherm BDT Magnum Wine Shippers, and comprehensive standup shipper kits for 6 and 12 packs,  3 and 4 packs as well as smaller options for 1 and 2 packs. The DuraTherm BDT products have been tested to meet ISTA Standards.

DuraTherm BDT Insulated Shippers provide the needed assurance that temperature sensitive assets can be safely shipped anywhere across the globe. For decades, Atlas has worked with food industry leaders, medical professionals, science institutes, logistics and shipping companies to create cold chain packaging solutions that help carry out a variety of needs when it comes to transferring products and materials between locations. The DuraTherm BDT insulated shippers come in stock sizes that work perfectly for everything ranging from small vials of life saving medicines to much larger needs, such as weekly meal kits delivered to the end user. DuraTherm BDT is manufactured under an industry leading quality control program, with design, customization, kitting and testing services available to meet customer needs. With storage being just as important, the DuraTherm BDT packaging solutions don’t breakdown or become brittle when used for extended durations.

Additional DuraTherm BDT benefits include:

  • Innovative Technology: DuraTherm BDT technology has been shown to biodegrade 92% over four years under conditions that simulate both wetter and biologically active landfills using ASTM D5511 testing.
  • Variety of Stock Sizes and Custom Options: Choose from a variety of DuraTherm Insulated Shippers and Wine Shippers stock sizes or custom make your own with 3D modeling and prototyping to design a solution specific to your requirements.
  • Assembly and Kitting Services: A full range of assembly and kitting services are available, reducing both time and labor.
  • Locations Nationwide: With locations nationwide, DuraTherm BDT insulated solutions can be manufactured coast-to-coast, greatly reducing shipping costs.
  • Multiple Applications and Needs: A variety of applications are available for the DuraTherm BDT solutions, including life sciences, frozen and fresh food, meal kit delivery services, beverage shippers, and temperature sensitive shipments.

DuraTherm BDT is available nationally from manufacturing plants and distribution facilities across North America. For more information, please visit:

About Atlas Molded Products

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