African Guy Use Cell To Search Cooking Recipe Online
African guy use cell to search cooking recipe online

Americans are still searching for ways to save as food prices continue to rise. Almost six in 10 consumers surveyed by Attest are facing at least some difficulties affording food, with nearly 10% struggling significantly.  

Finding the stores with the best prices is one way consumers are coping with costs. Among the nearly 70% of consumers who said they shop at two or three different supermarkets for groceries, more than half do so to save money, get better deals, or use coupons. 

Even if just as an occasional treat, many consumers still regularly grab takeout, with most getting takeout food one or two times a week (32%). But cooking at home is the norm. More than eight in 10 Americans regularly eat food they cook from scratch, with 43% expressing a love of cooking and another 43% saying they’re comfortable with it. 

To find inspiration for their meals, consumers most commonly turn to recipe sites or apps (36%) and social media (29%). Only 11% use cookbooks. And while many respondents own microwaves (85%) for quick meals, a surprising 26% don’t own full-sized ovens and 27% don’t have freezers. Notably, air fryers are becoming a popular appliance, and 58% own one. 

Many Americans aren’t short on time when it comes to cooking either. Roughly third-quarters of respondents feel they have ample time to cook, leaving just 23% with little or no time to cook. Being pressed for time is more common among Gen Z consumers, however, with nearly 30% struggling to find time for cooking. As a result, pre-prepared food is the primary diet for 41% of this generation, presenting an opportunity for food brands.  

For more insights on how consumers are managing food prices, see the full report.

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