Online buy, paying food and grocery. New recipe for dinner

Almost half (48%) of Gen Z adults are the primary grocery shopper for their household, according to new research from Morning Consult, and that share will only increase as the generation grows. So focusing on better understanding Gen Z’s shopping behaviors now will help brands begin to build loyalty as this generation ages. 

Compared to all the primary shoppers surveyed, Gen Z respondents were more likely to shop online (74% compared to 50%) and order groceries for in-store pickup (26% compared to 12%). They were also more likely to plan meals for the week (77% compared to 67%), making recipe ideas and digital planning tools a good way for brands to connect with them. 

In addition, Gen Z is less concerned about food costs than primary shoppers as a whole. Fewer Gen Zers noted that they were “very concerned” about the cost of meat (34% compared to 45%), dairy (26% compared to 38%), and pantry items (24% compared to 34%). This is probably because Gen Z shoppers are buying for one- or two-person households rather than larger households, lowering the impact of inflation on their purchases.

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