Beautiful woman reading label on bread while shopping in grocery store

Whether due to environmental (59%), social (52%), or financial (70%) concerns, nearly all (98% of) consumers are actively trying to cut down on food waste, according to new research from Kerry. More than 5,000 consumers across 10 countries participated in the study, sharing their thoughts on food waste and its potential solutions.

Nearly 70% of surveyed consumers said they were interested in purchasing products formulated to minimize food waste. Most (72% of) consumers feel that products with a longer shelf life help reduce waste, and one-third would switch to brands or products with better shelf-life.

Consumers also shared their opinions on preservatives, with nearly three in four ranking this an important factor in their purchasing decisions. Half of consumers said they were okay with buying food that contains artificial preservatives, but the majority (82%) would accept natural preservatives. 

Whether it’s buying smaller amounts, checking expiration dates, or going so far as to switch brands, 91% of consumers are changing their purchasing habits to cut back on food waste. This presents an opportunity for brands to change packaging sizes and extend product shelf life to avoid lost customers.  

“Our research clearly demonstrates that consumers have a strong desire to reduce food waste in their own homes, and they increasingly recognize the role of preservation in achieving this goal,” said Bert de Vegt, VP of Food Preservation and Protection, at Kerry in a press release. “As inflationary pressures remain, preventing products from going to waste has become more crucial than ever.”

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