Cambri Debuts Launch AI™ to Revolutionize New Product Development for CPG Brands by Exponentially Increasing Product Launch Success Rates

Available now in the U.S., Launch AI joins Cambri’s successful portfolio of products that catapult brand growth

Helsinki, Finland – November 7, 2023 –  Cambri, an innovative research technology and consumer insights platform, today announced the U.S. launch of its cutting-edge product development solution, Launch AI™. This proven technology has revolutionized new product development (NPD) success rates for CPG and FMCG brands, elevating them from the industry standard of 5-25% to a strong 73%. Now available across the U.S., Launch AI™ employs iterative testing, data, and AI-powered launch predictions and advice.

With Launch AI™, Cambri seeks brands willing to challenge the status quo: of the 30,000 new products launched annually, 95% fail. The results are costly to bottom lines and brand reputations. Some reports claim over $500,000 in development costs and 50 days of lost staff hours from each failed product launch. Brands must also be mindful of negative impacts to company sustainability and environmental goals, as well as damage to brand reputation, from repeat failures. As established CPG and FMCG companies are challenged constantly by well funded, agile start-ups that can introduce new products to the market quickly, large brands deserve a better solution.

Cambri brings to bear its own expertise, challenger mentality and disruptive nature to a growing portfolio of global brands, including Nestle, Carlsberg and Electrolux. Following successful testing of more than 200 products for the U.S. market, Cambri now sets its sights on U.S. expansion, with investment, upcoming leadership appointments, and a 2024 event schedule to further support U.S.-based brands and other global brands launching products for the U.S. consumer.

“Imagine the NPD process that flips from 95% failure rate to 95% success rate,” said Ben Harknett, CEO of Cambri. “Test early and often has always been our mantra at Cambri. With the introduction of Launch AI™, brands can challenge the status quo and solve the NPD failure problem that has been widely accepted for too long.”

The Launch AI™ product expands Cambri’s successful iterative testing cycle for NPD with additional AI-generated processes, Predict and Advise, which provide the most advanced proof points to success. Launch AI™ Predict combines survey data with post-launch data to generate a score that indicates if the NPD concept will be successful or not, with much higher prediction accuracy than traditional industry standard KPIs.

To learn how to improve NPD, Launch AI™ Advise offers actionable and precise suggestions through an automated and AI-generated summary of the key strengths, weaknesses, and differentiators of the concepts. It will also generate new and improved value propositions, insights and ideas that can be taken to the next stage of the innovation process.

Founded by Dr. Heli Holttinen, Dani Kamras and Dr. Outi Somervuori in 2018, Cambri helps global brands bring products to market through consumer collaboration and confidence in data-driven decision making.

To learn more about Cambri and the Launch AI solution, visit

About Cambri 

Cambri is a global res-tech growth company born in 2018, with headquarters in Helsinki and Stockholm, and offices across Europe and the United States. Cambri provides teams with an agile approach to product development, resulting in more successful launches to bring only purposeful and long-lasting products and services to market. With the debut of its newest solution, Launch AI™, Cambri is reducing risk from new product development and accelerating brand innovation. To learn more about Cambri, please visit


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