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Looking to catch up on the latest food and beverage industry news? Our top 5 articles for October include a look at the top food trends for the coming year, how Gen Z’s priorities and values are driving the industry to be more sustainable, and why consumers are prioritizing food waste reduction.

#1. The Top Food Trends of 2024

We rounded up the top trends that are set to impact the food industry in the year ahead, including expert predictions from ADM, Whole Foods Market, and the Specialty Food Association.

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#2. Why Gen Z Is Driving Food and Beverage Brands to Become More Sustainable

From seeing the impact of climate change to experiencing a global pandemic, many factors have pushed Gen Z to use their purchasing power with both the environmental impact and their financial situation in mind. 

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#3. Nearly 7 in 10 Consumers Will Pay More for Fresh Food: Deloitte

Consumers are willing to spend more money for fresh food, according to new research from Deloitte. Findings indicated that 68% of consumers will pay a premium price for fresh food, up 7% from last year. 

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#4. Compensation Is No Longer the Top Career Priority, New F&B Survey Results Show

Findings from a survey by Bristol Associates found a decrease of employee satisfaction and optimism within the food and beverage industry, and company culture is more important than compensation when it comes to choosing a new employer.

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#5. Consumers Are Making Food Waste Reduction a Priority, Even if It Means Switching Brands: Kerry

Consumers are actively trying to cut down on food waste, with close to 70% of consumers interested in purchasing products that are formulated to minimize food waste.

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