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View Looking Out From Inside Of Refrigerator As Woman Unpacks Online Home Food Delivery

More than half (57%) of omnichannel shoppers, or those who buy their groceries both in-store and online, say buying online has become their preferred shopping method, according to new insights from 84.51°. This percentage has doubled from 2023 (28%).

Omnichannel shoppers are also more likely than last year to prefer online shopping because it’s less stressful than shopping in-store (58% compared to 39% in 2023). However, these consumers still have their reasons for preferring in-store, including wanting to pick out their own groceries (56%) and avoiding delivery and pickup fees (51%).

By category, omnichannel shoppers are more likely to prefer delivery or pickup for items that are less perishable, including frozen food, snacks, beverages, and cereal. They’re also more likely to accept retailer suggestions for substitutions of shelf-stable products. But they would rather buy fresh baked goods, produce, and deli/meat/fish products in-store and are least willing to allow substitutions for pet supplies and deli/meat/fish.

When searching for products online, omnichannel consumers often search by brand name for soft drinks, cookies/crackers/snacks, and candy, while they regularly use unbranded terms to search for refrigerated items, fruits and vegetables, and meats.

For brands looking to increase their visibility among these consumers, inspiration for their shopping lists often comes from store websites or apps (60%) and social media (46%). And while omnichannel shoppers are more likely to try new items while in-store, they will use store site search bars (39%) and a site’s “new items” section (38%) to get information on new products.

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