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Need to catch up on the latest news in the food and beverage industry? Our top 5 articles for March include an innovative approach to food labeling that addresses nutrient consumption, an on-demand webinar that explores the capabilities of AI in food manufacturing, and a report that highlights consumer cravings for healthier snacks.

#1. [Whitepaper] Food and Beverage 2024 Trends and Outlook for North America

This whitepaper contains research from Aptean and B2B International that can serve as a resource for those looking to understand the current challenges as well as potential goals that relate to the food processing industry. The report covers a range of topics, including automation, financial growth, and sustainability goals, to help brands plan for the future.

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#2. How Food Companies Can Fine-Tune Their Nutrition Labeling

Stéphane Vidry, Ph.D., the Global Executive Director of ILSI, wrote this guest piece on the importance of accurate nutrition labels. Vidry discusses inhibitors to nutrient absorption, which factor into how much a particular nutrient can be absorbed by the body. He offers up the solution of using nutrient algorithms to provide more accurate tracking of nutrient absorption. 

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#3. More Fruits and Veggies, Less Sugar: Snacking Trends Unwrapped Report

This article highlights findings from the recent Snacking Trends Unwrapped report, which found that snacking habits are becoming healthier. According to the report, respondents want more fruits and vegetables in their snacks and to reduce how much sugar and sugar alcohols they consume. Additionally, reviewing nutritional information was ranked as a high priority for more than half (55%) of nutrition professionals and 3 in ten (30%) consumers.

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#4. [On-Demand Webinar] The Latest Advancements in AI for Human-Centered Food Production Automation

This on-demand webinar covers how food manufacturers could benefit from a people-centered AI approach. Steven Burton, Icicle Founder & CEO, talks about the many benefits of using AI, such as helping manufacturers improve on-the-job training and protect profitability, among other benefits. The importance of having strong data for AI algorithms is also discussed. 

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#5. Health, Sustainability, and a Taste for Adventure Drive Snacking Behaviors: Mondelēz State of Snacking Report

Consumers around the world prefer to snack rather than have a traditional meal. This information comes from the fifth annual State of Snacking report. The majority of consumers (66%) haven’t changed how much they spend on snacks, even in the face of rising prices. Consumers are also thinking about how their snack choices affect their health and the environment, and they are looking to social media to discover new snacks.

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