This is a past event that is now available on demand.

Registration is now open for our March 26 webinar with Icicle Technologies: “The Latest Advancements in AI for Human-Centered Food Production Automation.”

Amidst labor shortage trends, food manufacturers stand to benefit from a people-focused approach to AI that transforms food production in a way that amplifies, augments, empowers, and enhances human performance.

Join Steven Burton, Icicle Founder & CEO, to learn more about the latest advancements in human-centered AI for food production that allow for both high levels of human control and process automation. Discover how AI can help food manufacturers comply with regulatory requirements, improve on-the-job training, optimize resourcing, protect profitability, predict maintenance to reduce downtime, and improve overall operational excellence.

In this session, we will explore:
  • The concept of human-centered AI and continuous improvement from human input
  • When, where, and how AI can be applied to improve the efficiency and productivity of the food manufacturing processes
  • The importance of having a strong foundation of data for AI algorithms to optimize processes, reduce waste, and enhance product quality
  • Automated systems that allow for better insights and real-time decision making
  • The advantages of AI for elevating food safety programs to global standards

Don’t miss out! Join us on March 26 at 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific to find out how human-centered AI can transform food production.

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