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A new report from SPINS highlights opportunities for disruption in the CPG industry, focusing on the trends and innovations that are shaping consumer preferences and market evolution.

Disruption, once primarily driven by “better-for-you” products, is now expanding to include products that offer enhanced value propositions:

  • Sustainability, in particular, has become a key differentiator for brands, led by mission-driven brands, high-impact certifications (e.g., Upcycled, Regenerative Organic), and the use of sustainable ingredients and packaging. 
  • International flavors are also gaining traction across various CPG categories, with brands incorporating diverse tastes and culinary traditions into their products, in response to a growing consumer interest in exploring global cuisines.

SPINS identified categories that have already been disrupted — including soda, energy drinks, protein chips, and dairy — due to factors like the rise of functional beverages, the expansion of probiotics beyond yogurt, and the demand for high-protein snacks. But there are also categories showing high probability for disruption — functional juices, pickles, and pantry staples. Increased interest in gut health, demand for low-carb/low-sugar options, and the opportunity to incorporate functional ingredients into traditional products is driving the potential for disruption in these categories.

However, disruption is not limited to specific categories, and CPG brands should be prepared to adapt and innovate across various aisles to meet changing consumer demands. Developing products that are not only better-for-you, but incorporate sustainability initiatives, explore international flavors, and cater to evolving consumer preferences for convenience, health, and wellness will help brands stay competitive.

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