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Are you looking to catch up on the latest in the food and beverage industry? Our top 5 articles for June include a look at the importance of comprehensive allergen labeling regulations, the food industry trends to watch in the second half of the year, and how food and beverage executives are planning to reach their sustainability goals by 2030. 

#1. Prioritizing Consumer Safety: The Importance of Stricter Packaging and Labeling Controls

Guest author Charles Haverfield, CEO of US Packaging & Wrapping, discusses the importance of mandatory labeling when it comes to food allergies, the health concern these allergies pose for millions of Americans, and how the U.S. has been slower to adopt comprehensive allergen labeling regulations compared to other countries.

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#2. Opportunities Outweigh Pitfalls for Food Processors

Bob Grote, CEO of Grote Company Family of Brands, highlights the food industry trends to watch for the rest of 2024. These include eating at home, the rise in popularity of prepared foods, and the threat of economic uncertainty, just to name a few. Grote ends the piece by discussing why food processors are set up to have a strong year. 

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#3. Only 1 in 4 Food Packaging Professionals Believe Their Company is Innovative

Less than a quarter (24%) of food and beverage packaging professionals feel their company has an innovative approach to packaging, according to findings from Industrial Physics. This is in contrast to the large majority (96%) of respondents last year that said it was important to pursue new developments in packaging. A few hurdles to innovation were noted, such as company layoffs as well as the company not following up on innovative ideas.

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#4. Exploring the Science of Sustainable Food Packaging and Its Impact on Climate Change

Jeremy Cunningham of Green Paper Products explores the materials, such as bioplastics, that help to make food packaging sustainable and highlights the numerous benefits of switching to sustainable packaging. Cunningham also provides tips on how to implement sustainable packaging in a business. 

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#5. Most F&B Executives Confident About Reaching Sustainability Goals by 2030

A new report from Quantis found that just over three-quarters (76%) of food and beverage leaders are confident in their sustainability plans and their capacity to meet environmental goals by the year 2030. Some roadblocks on the path to sustainability include supply chain complexity and designating funds toward reducing environmental impact.

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