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The June issue of Purdue University’s Consumer Food Insights report estimates national food insecurity at about 13% for June, an increase of two percentage points from May. Average weekly household spending on food in June was $127 on groceries and $68 on dining out. 

The latest report also notes a rise in the Sustainable Food Purchasing (SFP) Index, from 70 in March 2024 to 72 in June, driven by taste and personal preferences.

Other highlights from the report include: 

  • Most consumers (66%) are not familiar with the Farm Bill, but there is significant support for government spending on farmer subsidies (71%) and on food and nutrition assistance (72%).
  • There’s a growing belief among consumers that reducing meat consumption and supporting local food benefit the environment.
  • Trust in the USDA and FDA remains high, while trust in news media outlets as sources of food information is relatively low.
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