New 10,000 ft2 test kitchen showcases 26 of Unitherm’s innovative thermal food processing solutions, from spiral ovens and flame grills to water cooking and pasteurization systems

BRISTOW, OK — JUNE 7, 2016 — Unitherm Food Systems today announces the opening of its new test kitchen in Bangkok, Thailand, which signals the company’s first expansion into the Asian market. This 10,000 ft2 space will provide Unitherm’s Asian customers with the opportunity to test 26 of the company’s thermal processing machines, including the spiral oven for root vegetable pasteurization for which Unitherm received a patent last December. The official opening of the facility corresponds with ProPak Asia 2016, the region’s premier processing and packaging event.

Unitherm Founder and CEO David Howard commented: “We’ve been exporting equipment to Thailand, Korea, Singapore, and other Asian markets for many years. But Bristow, Oklahoma, is a long way for Asian customers to come to see our equipment in action. Being on the ground allows us to bring a wider range of products to a wider audience. Asian processors have already shown a large amount of interest in our spiral ovens and flame grills, and we have many other processes — such as for cooking rice and quinoa — that can help them improve efficiency. This new facility will also allow us to provide the high-quality service we’re known for to customers worldwide.”

Since its inception in 1985, Unitherm has followed a path of steady, planned growth, which has proven very successful. The company opened its Maastricht, the Netherlands, operations three years ago and has already grown out of it. Just last month, they purchased a new facility that’s 2.5 times larger than the original. This year, they are also adding 30,000 ft2 to their Bristow facility, bringing their manufacturing base in the United States up to 120,000 ft2. Planning for the expansion into Asia began four years ago, when the company started getting more inquiries from this region, which is one of the fastest-growing food markets in the world.

About Unitherm Food Systems

Unitherm is known for its innovative approach to the design and creation of thermal food processing equipment and systems to maximize yields while enhancing safety and profitability. From cooking and chilling to pasteurization and freezing, Unitherm provides best-of-breed continuous thermal food processing equipment to maximize quality, production efficiency, and safety. Visit Unitherm online at