The Internet of Things (IoT) offers myriad solutions for automating and documenting your food processing operations. Many of these solutions are aimed at helping you more efficiently meet FSMA requirements.

We’ve tracked down the best apps and software available to streamline your operations, jumpstart your safety processes, and harness your data more profitably.

Whether you’re just now bidding goodbye to clipboards, or going for a full automation overhaul, we hope you find something in these lists to make your life easier, your food safer, and your facility more productive.

Pathogen and Contamination Prevention

Food becomes contaminated in many ways, at every stage of the supply chain. Prevention is FSMA’s primary priority, and these apps and technologies can help you head off problems before they start.

  • Snapii for warehouse inspection and maintenance
  • MasterLock FieldID inspection and compliance software
  • IMSXpress quality, environment, and workplace safety management
  • Trackvia control and visibility of critical operations
  • Expirio expiration date management software
  • Clean Slate UV non-toxic sanitizing for handheld devices

Transport and Traceability

Where does your food come from, and where is it going? Improve your emergency planning and food defense, or simply give your customers a more transparent product with these apps and IoT technologies.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance encompasses many of the administrative and procedural activities that promote safety and traceability. QA software and management systems help you track and manage those activities.

Audits, Forms, and Data Management

Sure you can automate your facility floor, but how will your regulatory management department ever manage to retire its clipboards? These tools give you the mobile forms and online databases to target your needs. Use them to input and track your data on devices that integrate across your operation.

Mitigation Strategies Against Intentional Adulteration

Brand-new in FSMA’s safety overhaul is the FDA’s 7th Final Rule: Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration. These apps help you keep facilities and food safe from intentional, widespread adulteration.

All-in-one Systems

Maybe you’re looking to overhaul your operations across the board. Ad-hoc systems can be helpful if you’re a small operation or taking it slow. Larger companies might consider investing in more complete solutions.

  • Fishbowl Manufacturing Quickbooks integration for accounting, work orders, and multi-level production processes
  • Cama Software multi-module, collaborative software for a range of needs
  • Rollbar freemium error-tracking software for apps in all languages
  • PLEX cloud ERP software for manufacturing
  • JustFood ERP comprehensive software solutions
  • Vision for Food paperless, cross-business management software for food facilities
  • WinFDS from Food Decision Software distribution and analysis software, recall management

It’s a competitive landscape for food manufacturing, whether your company is small or large. Technology and new regulations only increase the demands on your facility, your products, and your personnel.

Whether you’re already up and running or just beginning to explore automation, we hope you’ll use this guide as a reference to help you navigate the labyrinth of food industry IoT.