According to a Bloomberg report, Nestle scientists have discovered a new method to reduce sugar in chocolate by up to 40%.

Chief Technology Officer Stefan Catsicas told Bloomberg that the company has developed a way to alter the structure of sugar to make it taste sweeter in smaller amount. The new low-sugar products will be available beginning in 2018. The company will gradually decrease the sugar content to give consumers the chance to get used to the new taste.

This secret sugar-reduction method, which Nestle is looking to patent, results in sugar crystals that dissolve more quickly and stimulates the taste buds sooner. Catsicas notes that this crystal shape is similar to that found in more natural, less processed foods.     

The 40% sugar reduction isn’t a promise. Nestle has yet to release formal targets. But, in any case, it’s a step in the right direction toward producing healthier indulgence foods.

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