Between October 2015 and September 2016, OSHA handed down a total of 2,233 citations to food manufacturers, resulting in penalties of nearly $8.5 million.

Here are the industry’s top 10 most-cited violations.

1. 1910.147 The control of hazardous energy (lockout/tagout)

Total citations: 311
Total penalties: $1,733,715

Standard 1910.147 covers the servicing and maintenance of machines and equipment in which the unexpected energization or start up of the machines or equipment, or release of stored energy, could harm employees.

2. 1910.212 General requirements for all machines

Total citations: 203
Total penalties: $960,481

Standard 1910.212 covers general requirements related to machinery and machine guarding. It specifies that one or more methods of machine guarding shall be provided to protect the operator and other employees in the machine area from hazards.

3. 1910.119 Process safety management for highly hazardous chemicals

Total citations: 151
Total penalties: $837,796

Standard 1910.119 contains requirements for preventing or minimizing the consequences of catastrophic releases of toxic, reactive, flammable, or explosive chemicals. These releases may result in toxic, fire or explosion hazards.

4. 1910.1200 Hazard communication

Total citations: 130
Total penalties: $185,182

Standard 1910.1200 ensures that the hazards of all chemicals produced or imported are classified, and that information concerning the classified hazards is transmitted to employers and employees. It was updated in 2012 to align with the UN Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), Revision 3.

5. 1910.305 Wiring methods, components, and equipment for general use

Total citations: 126
Total penalties: $212,412

Standard 1910.305 provides guidance for wiring methods; cabinets, boxes, and fittings; switches; switchboards and panelboards; enclosures for damp or web conditions; and other electrical components.

6. 1910.178 Powered industrial trucks

Total citations: 110
Total penalties: $233,176

Standard 1910.178 contains safety requirements relating to fire protection, design, maintenance, and use of fork trucks, tractors, platform lift trucks, motorized hand trucks, and other specialized industrial trucks powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines.

7. 1910.219 Mechanical power-transmission apparatus

Total citations: 105
Total penalties: $346,973

Standard 1910.219 covers all types and shapes of power-transmission belts, with certain exceptions. It also addresses prime-mover guards, shafting, pulleys, and related equipment.

8. 1910.23 Guarding floor and wall openings and holes

Total citations: 95
Total penalties: $392,841

Standard 1910.23 covers the use of ladders.

9. 1910.303 General requirements

Total citations: 86
Total penalties: $260,337

Standard 1910.303 covers general electrical requirements, including the approval, examination, installation, and use of equipment.

10. 5A0001 OSH Act General duty paragraph

Total citations: 66
Total penalties: $328,999

The “General duty clause” applies to all hazards not otherwise specified. It requires employers to furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees and to comply with all OSHA standards.


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