Digital marketing webinar for the food industry

Are you having trouble getting — and keeping — your prospects’ attention? Do you find your competitors are often beating you to the punch? Do you see their names every time you go online?

Later this month [date TBD], we’ll be hosting a webinar on digital marketing for the food manufacturers and their suppliers. In it, you’ll discover the tactics and technologies your competitors are using to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and grow their business.

A few statistics you might find interesting:

  • 85% of manufacturing marketers use content marketing. Of the 15% that don’t, more than half plan to start this year.
  • 97% of manufacturing marketers using content marketing describe their efforts as successful.
  • Email newsletters and social media are the two most-used content marketing strategies by manufacturing marketers.
  • 85% of marketing manufacturers pay to promote their content on social media, 73% use search engine marketing, and 71% invest in traditional banner ads.
  • 84% plan to increase their budget for these various marketing activities this year.

Source: Content Marketing Institute. 2017 Manufacturing Content Marketing: Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends–North America.
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