Copenhagen-based beer maker Carlsberg is the top regarded food and beverage company, and the 6th top regarded company across industries, according to Forbes. The Top Regarded Companies list, based on Forbes’ 2017 Global 2000 rankings, is their first-ever attempt to rank global public companies based on their trustworthiness/honesty, social conduct, the company as an employer, and the performance of the company’s product or service.

Overall, 18 food and beverage companies made the top 250 (including Unilever, which was categorized under household/personal care). Of those 18, the top four are producers of alcoholic beverages, and only Carlsberg broke into the top 10.

Here’s how the food and beverage industry performed:

Rank Company Industry
6 Carlsberg Beverages
30 Heineken Holding Beverages
35 Diageo Beverages
42 Suntory Beverage & Food Beverages
45 Kraft Heinz Company Food Processing
56 Unilever Household/Personal Care
57 PepsiCo Beverages
67 Coca-Cola Beverages
78 Nestle Food Processing
112 Lindt & Sprungli Food Processing
113 McCormick Food Processing
146 CJ Cheiljedang Food Processing
189 Almarai Food Processing
194 Kerry Group Food Processing
232 Kellogg Food Processing
235 Meiji Holdings Food Processing
238 Hormel Foods Food Processing
249 Hershey Food Processing

View the full list.


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