Techstars, in a partnership with Cargill and Ecolab, announced the participants in their 2018 Farm to Fork Accelerator Class on Monday.

After scouring the globe for the best and brightest entrepreneurs in the industry, Techstars cherry-picked companies working tirelessly towards improving food safety, supply chain management, and restaurant efficiencies — many using the power of emerging technology like artificial intelligence (AI).

Participants will travel from all across the U.S., India, Canada, and Brazil to St. Paul, Minnesota to join Techstars’ network, now 1,200 strong. Upon arrival in the Twin City, the startups will have access to a growing network of mentors from Techstars, Cargill, and Ecolab, and a community of established entrepreneurs in the food space, all eager to give these innovative businesses a running start.

Here are the companies participating in The Techstars Farm to Fork 2018 Class:

  • Big Wheelbarrow — Platform that connects schools to local farmers
  • dishq — Platform that uses food science and AI to provide personalized food recommendations
  • EIO Diagnostics — Multispectral imaging device to detect udder infections in dairy herds
  • HeavyConnect — Documentation software for food safety and compliance on farms
  • IFS — Precision heating equipment
  • pepr — Restaurant management software
  • Renewal Mill — New products created from food manufacturing byproducts
  • TradeLanes —- Supply chain management platform and network
  • Traive — Lending platform for farmers

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